At MyWaterFilter we take your health very seriously. You might not think it but water is the most essential thing a body needs for optimal health. This is why we at MyWaterFilter are making sure you’ve got the best quality water in your home.

You don’t need to buy bottled water from the shops…wasting thousands of dollars a year. It’s crazy when the cost of water is more than fuel!

MyWaterFilter have a large range of water filter products that suit all needs and budgets.

We also understand it’s the little things in life which make the biggest difference which is why we offer so many amazing features and services. At MyWaterFilter you get,

  • Support from our customer service team via phone, email and live chat
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all purchases
  • Automatic entry into competitions with every purchase
  • Free shipping and insurance on all products and so much more

If you are like most people you will know that the quality of water you have in your home is critical to your health. If it goes in your mouth or on your skin, you want to make sure it’s good for you.

At MyWaterFilter we are the water specialists. With over 30 years in the water industry we know everything there is to know about water. This is great for you because we can answer all your questions.

So if you want fresh, clean healthy water in your home today, pick up the phone or email one of our amazing support staff. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide you with the right solution for your needs.

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